20 December 2015

Is Everyone Snapchatting without me?!

I realized a few days ago that the young are becoming the new old.
I had a thirteen year old pretty much school me on a SnapChat feature that I had no idea about and offered to add me as one of his 8,000 followers.
Wait, how does he have 8,000 followers? What does SnapChat even do!?

I sat in front of my iMac, peered over my shoulder cautiously and typed:

"How do you use SnapChat?"

Usually I pray for a YouTube video as I'm more of a visual learner, however, I was hesitant to encounter another teenager enlightening me on how important "snaps" are. Journeying into this new black hole of social media I began to reminisce on what it was like being thirteen. 

Thirteen year old Sheena was still pretty shy with new people and usually had her head in a novel, sketchbook, or the clouds. She thought boyfriends were part of the teenage girl toolkit, but would never date a boy or consider "going steady." Do people still say that? Or it just "hooking up" now?

Are the teenagers of today's world widening the gap between adolescence and twenty-somethings? At thirty are we closer to hover boards or the HoverRound™? It seems that thirty-somethings are now being considered as old, when that is usually when we reach our prime in life. When we find true love. Build families. Empires. Rather than rushing to grow up, many of us are now trying to slow it down and coast through this life highway.

This topic brings about a new sense of appreciation for me. Appreciating the moments and stages that we're in now. As a twenty something with so much life left ahead, I am learning to not "age" myself with every new encounter. With the way things are going, there will be a new SnapChat every year. So let's embrace snaps, pins, and tags before there's something new to confuse our decrepit brains.

Oh, and add me on SnapChat!
( and share yours)


28 August 2015

New Color | DIY

A few weeks ago, I decided to dye my hair!

Being natural these last few years has had its perks, stresses, and has really taught me patience. During this time I'd see other bloggers dying their tresses, getting cute tapered cuts, and I just felt "plain" with my hair how it was.

After hours of watching YouTube videos and doing research, I decided to go with Creme of Nature's Exotic Shine Color kit. I ordered three boxes - (2) Warm Brown and (1) Ginger Blonde. Honestly, I was worried as hell and couldn't wait for the process to be over to check out what my hair looked like.

I decided to dye the bottom half first (Medium Warm Brown) and waited about 10 mins before applying it to the top half. At about 30 mins in, I rinsed the back of my hair out and kept it in a shower cap to protect it from the Ginger Blonde I was applying to top. To achieve different shades throughout the top half, I applied the dye (Ginger Blonde) to random sections in the top half of my hair, at different time intervals. I know...it sounds confusing, but its truly not!

After a few extra minutes of processing, I rinsed the dye out (as per the instructions) and moved on with the conditioning process. After almost two hours of sitting with the condition on and shower cap, I rinsed that out and styled.

Ugh, I'm so in love with this new color! It gives me a little boost of confidence and makes all of my styles/sets just POP! If you're kinda on the fence about dying and want to try something effective (that you can also achieve at home) I would recommend this Creme of Nature system! If you follow me on YouTube, I already have a video up on this process/kit and I'll be posting updates as the color grows out! Til next time!

XO, Sheena

14 August 2015

My Sneaker Collection

Alright, alright. I know what you're going to say. "Sheena, you have too many damn shoes!" Well, Carrie Bradshaw was told the same and did she let that stop her?! Nope. :)

I'm not a super active 'shopper, but more of a thrifty and collective shopper. When it comes to my shoes, I keep them for years and only replace them if I must. (My oldest pair are older than my relationship with Dustin! *9 years*) However, if I see a pair that I really love, I may just grab it as a "reward" to myself - BUT on sale!

Check out my video on my shoe collection and let me know which are your favorite!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll see you guys in the next one. xo,


07 August 2015

Back To School Outfits // 2015

Yup, it's that time of year....that time where you can't stay up all night binge watching Game of Thrones or scrolling through Tumblr. Its that time where you actually have responsibilities and stress will be at an all time high. Thats right. It's BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!

Now some of us may cringe, while others are super excited and mapping out plans for success. I am one of those weirdos that actually LOVE going to school because it keeps me busy, motivated, and of course - I get to wear clothes that speak to my unique style and personality. We all have our oversized sweatpants, dingy t-shirts, and lop-sided ponytail days, but - it never hurts to consider how many more people you could meet, network with, and how great you'll feel in clothes that keep you confident!

On my YouTube channel, I shared three extremely inexpensive and comfy outfits that will make you look put together and feel confident each day of school! Check it out below!

01 August 2015

Journals, Purses, and Taps

Life has been borderline chaotic as we're finally out of the training stage at work and still adjusting to a new city. With the Summer season also comes bright prints, fabrics, and accessories bustling through the streets. I have had a new obsession with bright florals, hot pink shades, gold, and notebooks/journals. Dustin surprised me with the hot pink Kate Spade purse and I am totally in love! It's the perfect accent for a more toned down outfit as with the simple look, but burst of color!

I'm working relatively close to an Athropologie, so I popped in to check out their journals. There were a ton of cute ones, most crafted by the awesome Rifle Paper Company. ( I believe their stuff can also be found at Target) I stocked up on their basic notebooks, a perfume, and the most adorable journal I've ever found!

University of Texas psychologist and researcher James Pennebaker asserts that utilizing a journal strengthens immune cells called T-lymphocytes. Studies also revealed that "venting" through a journal creates a neutral outlet which reduces those stressors on your physical health. I remember having multiple diaries as a kid and pre-teen. The only con to having one was the fear of my mom or sisters reading it and completely embarrassing me!

Beyond those purchases, I also decided to invest in some new dyes from the Creme of Nature line. I have been rocking the dark hair for some time now and I wanted to "brighten" things up a bit. I used three of their box kits - (2) browns and (1) golden color. Surprisingly, my hair didn't turn into a Brillo pad and I love the outcome! I know there aren't a ton of great review/tutorial videos up regarding the Creme of Nature line, so I'll be posting one soon on the YouTube channel! xo

- Sheena 

27 May 2015

A Belle in Brooklyn Smorgasburg

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Brooklyn Smorgasburg! It's pretty much a food "flea market" that pops up around the summertime in New York. As a newer New Yorker (say that 5 times fast) I wanted to get out and see what this event was all about!

Let's say, one spring roll, taco, basket of fries, and few bites of a ramen burger later -- and I was tapping out! I am not a huge foodie and I obviously can't hang with the overeaters of America. However, I loved the event! It was just a cool atmosphere with a ton of vendors to try out, on a beautiful sunny day in NY. I definitely recommend checking it out if you're near the area, but be forewarned of long lines to get "popular" food items and to go to the bathroom.

I opted for a flowy black maxi skirt and a Madewell cropped t-shirt to keep it simple. With events that involve a bit of walking around and eating, I recommend going comfortable and reaching for the flats! I chose my thrifted Minnetonkas to avoid getting dirty feet walking all around the city construction. The Smorgasburg was dope and I'll probably be back for another greasy Ramen Burger! If you haven't checked out my channel, be sure to hop on there and see the experience in full!

xo, Sheena

24 January 2015

Girl, uprooted

Last month I quit my job, put my house on the market, and decided to move on into a new journey with my fiancé...Oh, he's 'Dustin' by the way. Unfortunately, the early bliss that I felt is slowly fizzling as it's becoming more real. Preparing a home for sale, while stretching every penny, and trying to get through our 'New Year' has been stressful. However, I wouldn't have it any other way! This guy is my best friend and we've both agreed that our lives are missing the spice, action, and networking that we've been yearning for.

Sure, when people ask where we're from we say "Atlanta!" - but truly, we do not live any where near Atlanta. We live almost an hour outside of the city in a smaller, more slow-paced environment. For the couple looking to settle down into careers and children, our area is perfection! But for two fast-moving, fast-talking, analytical, busy-bodied people..this is just not it! So, we're moving on. We don't have all of the details lined up, but we have a good idea of where/how/when.

The relocation process definitely teaches a bit about patience and how to manage stress. There is a small piece of me that is jumping out of my skin with excitement, and another side of me that feels like I have to puke…. Either way, I'm looking forward to uprooting, mingling with some new creative souls, and enjoy what the 'urban life' has to offer for me and my love.