24 January 2015

Girl, uprooted

Last month I quit my job, put my house on the market, and decided to move on into a new journey with my fiancé...Oh, he's 'Dustin' by the way. Unfortunately, the early bliss that I felt is slowly fizzling as it's becoming more real. Preparing a home for sale, while stretching every penny, and trying to get through our 'New Year' has been stressful. However, I wouldn't have it any other way! This guy is my best friend and we've both agreed that our lives are missing the spice, action, and networking that we've been yearning for.

Sure, when people ask where we're from we say "Atlanta!" - but truly, we do not live any where near Atlanta. We live almost an hour outside of the city in a smaller, more slow-paced environment. For the couple looking to settle down into careers and children, our area is perfection! But for two fast-moving, fast-talking, analytical, busy-bodied people..this is just not it! So, we're moving on. We don't have all of the details lined up, but we have a good idea of where/how/when.

The relocation process definitely teaches a bit about patience and how to manage stress. There is a small piece of me that is jumping out of my skin with excitement, and another side of me that feels like I have to puke…. Either way, I'm looking forward to uprooting, mingling with some new creative souls, and enjoy what the 'urban life' has to offer for me and my love.


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