01 August 2015

Journals, Purses, and Taps

Life has been borderline chaotic as we're finally out of the training stage at work and still adjusting to a new city. With the Summer season also comes bright prints, fabrics, and accessories bustling through the streets. I have had a new obsession with bright florals, hot pink shades, gold, and notebooks/journals. Dustin surprised me with the hot pink Kate Spade purse and I am totally in love! It's the perfect accent for a more toned down outfit as with the simple look, but burst of color!

I'm working relatively close to an Athropologie, so I popped in to check out their journals. There were a ton of cute ones, most crafted by the awesome Rifle Paper Company. ( I believe their stuff can also be found at Target) I stocked up on their basic notebooks, a perfume, and the most adorable journal I've ever found!

University of Texas psychologist and researcher James Pennebaker asserts that utilizing a journal strengthens immune cells called T-lymphocytes. Studies also revealed that "venting" through a journal creates a neutral outlet which reduces those stressors on your physical health. I remember having multiple diaries as a kid and pre-teen. The only con to having one was the fear of my mom or sisters reading it and completely embarrassing me!

Beyond those purchases, I also decided to invest in some new dyes from the Creme of Nature line. I have been rocking the dark hair for some time now and I wanted to "brighten" things up a bit. I used three of their box kits - (2) browns and (1) golden color. Surprisingly, my hair didn't turn into a Brillo pad and I love the outcome! I know there aren't a ton of great review/tutorial videos up regarding the Creme of Nature line, so I'll be posting one soon on the YouTube channel! xo

- Sheena 

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