28 August 2015

New Color | DIY

A few weeks ago, I decided to dye my hair!

Being natural these last few years has had its perks, stresses, and has really taught me patience. During this time I'd see other bloggers dying their tresses, getting cute tapered cuts, and I just felt "plain" with my hair how it was.

After hours of watching YouTube videos and doing research, I decided to go with Creme of Nature's Exotic Shine Color kit. I ordered three boxes - (2) Warm Brown and (1) Ginger Blonde. Honestly, I was worried as hell and couldn't wait for the process to be over to check out what my hair looked like.

I decided to dye the bottom half first (Medium Warm Brown) and waited about 10 mins before applying it to the top half. At about 30 mins in, I rinsed the back of my hair out and kept it in a shower cap to protect it from the Ginger Blonde I was applying to top. To achieve different shades throughout the top half, I applied the dye (Ginger Blonde) to random sections in the top half of my hair, at different time intervals. I know...it sounds confusing, but its truly not!

After a few extra minutes of processing, I rinsed the dye out (as per the instructions) and moved on with the conditioning process. After almost two hours of sitting with the condition on and shower cap, I rinsed that out and styled.

Ugh, I'm so in love with this new color! It gives me a little boost of confidence and makes all of my styles/sets just POP! If you're kinda on the fence about dying and want to try something effective (that you can also achieve at home) I would recommend this Creme of Nature system! If you follow me on YouTube, I already have a video up on this process/kit and I'll be posting updates as the color grows out! Til next time!

XO, Sheena

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