20 December 2015

Is Everyone Snapchatting without me?!

I realized a few days ago that the young are becoming the new old.
I had a thirteen year old pretty much school me on a SnapChat feature that I had no idea about and offered to add me as one of his 8,000 followers.
Wait, how does he have 8,000 followers? What does SnapChat even do!?

I sat in front of my iMac, peered over my shoulder cautiously and typed:

"How do you use SnapChat?"

Usually I pray for a YouTube video as I'm more of a visual learner, however, I was hesitant to encounter another teenager enlightening me on how important "snaps" are. Journeying into this new black hole of social media I began to reminisce on what it was like being thirteen. 

Thirteen year old Sheena was still pretty shy with new people and usually had her head in a novel, sketchbook, or the clouds. She thought boyfriends were part of the teenage girl toolkit, but would never date a boy or consider "going steady." Do people still say that? Or it just "hooking up" now?

Are the teenagers of today's world widening the gap between adolescence and twenty-somethings? At thirty are we closer to hover boards or the HoverRound™? It seems that thirty-somethings are now being considered as old, when that is usually when we reach our prime in life. When we find true love. Build families. Empires. Rather than rushing to grow up, many of us are now trying to slow it down and coast through this life highway.

This topic brings about a new sense of appreciation for me. Appreciating the moments and stages that we're in now. As a twenty something with so much life left ahead, I am learning to not "age" myself with every new encounter. With the way things are going, there will be a new SnapChat every year. So let's embrace snaps, pins, and tags before there's something new to confuse our decrepit brains.

Oh, and add me on SnapChat!
( and share yours)


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