29 December 2016

December | Plan With Me

So it's here. 2016 is finally ending.

I'm grateful for this year, but also happy to see it gone!
Seeing that we're in the last month of the year, I wanted to sneak in one more 'monthly spread!' (Especially one this festive)

December was a hard month for me. I was sick for almost 2 weeks straight and traveling which only intensified how shitty I was feeling. I could have started a few layouts while half-way dying in my hotel room, but decided to save the layout for a video!

Check out my December: Plan With Me video to see my current layouts and items that I've decided to remove from my monthly planning. I'm looking forward to starting my new Bullet Journal with you all and setting my 2017 goals. Happy Holidays!

- Sheena

19 September 2016

Bullet Journal Blues

Welcome back! ☺️✌🏾

This will be a short one, but I'm excited about this post.
Two weeks ago, I decided to jump headfirst into the bullet journaling world!

If you're not familiar with this topic, here are some key points:
  • Started by 'Ryder Carroll'
  • Pretty much, if a planner and a journal had a baby
  • Freestyle! Do you!
  • Addicting
  • Perfect for stationary/pen lovers
  • Stress Reliever! (at least for me)
  • "bujo" if you're a hipster!
Here are a few shots of bullet journals on IG:

As you can tell, everyone just kinda does their own thing. Seeing that I'm a lazy artist who wants to get back into my craft (and get better at planning) this was the perfect outlet for me! Obviously, its not for everyone, but I definitely recommend giving it a try. All you really need is time, a pen, and a notebook.

Check out my video to see a flip-through of my 'bujo' so far! :)

07 August 2016

DIY Room Decor | UO Inspired

I've been pretty obsessed with the recent styling/pieces in the Urban Outfitters Apartment section. Tapestries, black tape, and banana leaves have taken over my Tumblr, Pinterest, and social media scrolling sessions. This past weekend I wanted to add a few new pieces to my apartment, but I didn't necessarily want to spend those Urban Outfitters coins! I've seen a few DIY videos floating around YouTube, but they are more replicas of UO decor and less of "inspired." I decided to create four original DIYs, that are inspired by the prints and art we see on UO, but no where close to the price tag and will be pretty unique to you and your space. :)

Hope you enjoy and tag me if you decide to recreate any of these! 

08 May 2016

Falling Together

I had to go out of town for work and even though it was an enriching experience, I couldn't wait to be back home in the city. It's funny that after so many years of living in the south I still feel so out of place when I go back.

When I got home that evening (after two delays, a transfer, and a $75 flight change fee) there was nothing on my mind besides kicking back with my laptop and a glass of wine. I slept in the next morning and woke up to a slight headache and disorientation. There were no plans, chores or tasks - just one thing. Well two things. Mani and Pedi.

Running in the rain (and my flip flops) I slipped into my new favorite nail salon in Harlem. I managed to get paired with the same nail tech, turned on the massage chair, (which felt like two elbows stabbing me) leaned back, and popped my headphones in.

I look up for a moment and stepping through the doorway was one of my idols. Michaela Davis.
My thoughts were halted, my throat was dry, and I was forcing myself to stare down at my phone and not at her.

Her skin glowed a bit from the dew and her afro stood up in its own perfect shape. She was covered head to toe in floral, but of course two different prints with similar color schemes. The leather coat she wore hung just right on her frame and on her feet were a basic pair of black and white sneakers.

Ok...so maybe I was staring a bit.

After my pedicure and frantically texted my fiancé for advice, I finally built up the confidence to approach her. Let's just say - it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Sometimes fate has a weird way of shoving us into a small nail salon, in Harlem, right next to one of the most influential women in the world. I left our conversation not only feeling lucky, but proud. The fifteen minute conversation we had will impact the rest of my life.

Things do fall apart, but sometimes they just fall together.

16 April 2016

Is Job Hunting Like Dating?

Here I am sitting in the offices of a lifestyle brand that I followed and "fan boyed" over for many years awaiting my second interview. As I tried to sit upright and scan over every inch of the vibrant, eclectic decor, my hands were a bit shaky and I felt my throat getting dry.

This was the second date and I was ready.

For many years, I worked in the retail environment - fulfilling a role that did not fulfill me. It paid the bills and allowed for periodical online shopping binges, but I expected more. Moving to NYC, I promised myself to go after every opportunity that presented itself and "shoot for the stars." The first few months of applying and being rejected felt like knives, stabbing at the last bit of self-confidence that I had left.

Then - it happened! I began to get responses from directors, CFO's, managers...all wanting to learn a bit more about me and how I brought value to their brands. After countless hours of revamping my resume and interviewing in multiple conference rooms, I've found the right company for me! There is no perfect formula, but consistently updating your resume, networking, checking career sites, and researching will produce results.

If you've been in a committed relationship with your current employer, but you're ready to get back out there on the hunt for something new, read on.

Recruiters look through dozens, sometimes hundreds, of profiles to find the right match. Note: You can be the perfect person, but just not the perfect person for them. Companies are not looking for the most qualified, but for the right fit. Could you imagine being stuck with a person who looked great on paper, but you couldn't really vibe with them?

Yeah, companies don't want that either.

You will receive a plethora of (auto-responding) no's mixed in a few 'we're not even going to reply to you's.' Yes, companies will completely ignore your application and have you in limbo for weeks. It feels exactly like going on a date with that hot guy, he drops you off, you text the next day, and never hear from him again. It's like - what did I do? Was I too forward? Is it something I said?

You'll never know...

Even though it's creepy to text a failed date asking for feedback, this is actually normal in the recruiting world. If the company is courteous, they should get back to you with the key points which made them decide to 'swipe left.'

If you're not great with rejection, now is the time to start building some thick skin and even thinner ego.

Best of luck and please share any tips you have!

24 January 2016

Gym Newb Tips + What's in my gym bag?!

Happy New Year you guys! I appreciate all of the views and support I received in 2015 and look forward to the growth we'll all see in 2016. With that said, the trending topics on YouTube have been:

  • New Year Resolutions
  • Things to leave in 2015
  • New Year Lookbook
and another one currently on the rise surrounds the topic of "I'm starting a new weight loss journey!" Trust me, I'm a supporter of people bettering themselves even if it's only encouraged by a New year approaching. However, many avid gym-goers are not looking forward to the crowds of "newbies" looking to invade rows of treadmills, slowly spilling into the free weight areas that we call home. 

I've viewed quite a few videos mocking these "resolution-ers" and urging them to not get in the way as if they'd never experienced the feat called Day 1. We all have to start somewhere and if this is your first real encounter with the gym - this video should be right up your alley! 

In this video, I cover the top 10 tips on what to expect, what to do, and show you guys a quick view of my gym bag. What I love about videos like this is you can utilize these tips all from the comfort of your home before taking on what can be a pretty intimating experience. Even with these pointers, don't forget that even the greatest athletes and fitness competitors have tripped over weights, used incorrect form, or found some other way to embarrass themselves at the gym. We're all human. Take small steps to create large successes. Below are a few realistic, humble, and talented fitness people I follow! Best of luck and don't sweat the small stuff.  (Just sweat... a lot!)

- Sheena

Instagram Fitness Peeps: 
  • BuffBunny
  • Tameikag
  • Nataliejillfit
  • FitMenCook