16 April 2016

Is Job Hunting Like Dating?

Here I am sitting in the offices of a lifestyle brand that I followed and "fan boyed" over for many years awaiting my second interview. As I tried to sit upright and scan over every inch of the vibrant, eclectic decor, my hands were a bit shaky and I felt my throat getting dry.

This was the second date and I was ready.

For many years, I worked in the retail environment - fulfilling a role that did not fulfill me. It paid the bills and allowed for periodical online shopping binges, but I expected more. Moving to NYC, I promised myself to go after every opportunity that presented itself and "shoot for the stars." The first few months of applying and being rejected felt like knives, stabbing at the last bit of self-confidence that I had left.

Then - it happened! I began to get responses from directors, CFO's, managers...all wanting to learn a bit more about me and how I brought value to their brands. After countless hours of revamping my resume and interviewing in multiple conference rooms, I've found the right company for me! There is no perfect formula, but consistently updating your resume, networking, checking career sites, and researching will produce results.

If you've been in a committed relationship with your current employer, but you're ready to get back out there on the hunt for something new, read on.

Recruiters look through dozens, sometimes hundreds, of profiles to find the right match. Note: You can be the perfect person, but just not the perfect person for them. Companies are not looking for the most qualified, but for the right fit. Could you imagine being stuck with a person who looked great on paper, but you couldn't really vibe with them?

Yeah, companies don't want that either.

You will receive a plethora of (auto-responding) no's mixed in a few 'we're not even going to reply to you's.' Yes, companies will completely ignore your application and have you in limbo for weeks. It feels exactly like going on a date with that hot guy, he drops you off, you text the next day, and never hear from him again. It's like - what did I do? Was I too forward? Is it something I said?

You'll never know...

Even though it's creepy to text a failed date asking for feedback, this is actually normal in the recruiting world. If the company is courteous, they should get back to you with the key points which made them decide to 'swipe left.'

If you're not great with rejection, now is the time to start building some thick skin and even thinner ego.

Best of luck and please share any tips you have!

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