16 May 2016

Business Casual & Comfort

Those who've worked retail understand the wardrobe struggle.

Either you're stuck in a company logo-ed t-shirt that is pretty unflattering, while living in basic denims. Or, you're stuck in one specific style of clothing to match the brand standards of the company. I've been in both scenarios.

Leaving the retail world and entering a 'smart startup' office environment, I've realized how much more effort I've had to put forth into my daily wardrobe. Lately, I've been loving the look of chinos and a printed top. Due to stress and lack of motivation recently - lets just say I've gained a little fluff. For most it's not a big deal, but for me, it becomes pretty hard to dress my body and not feel restricted and uncomfortable.

A casual look like this allows you to be comfortable and appropriately dressed for the workplace. The chinos are breathable and allow a bit of stretch in the material to support your curves. The loose, cropped sweater provides a subtle pop of color to bring everything together.

The look can be "spruced up" with a fancier clutch and a neutral pair of heels, but I chose a pair of my favorite chelsea boots and a vintage, thrifted backpack.

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