08 May 2016

Falling Together

I had to go out of town for work and even though it was an enriching experience, I couldn't wait to be back home in the city. It's funny that after so many years of living in the south I still feel so out of place when I go back.

When I got home that evening (after two delays, a transfer, and a $75 flight change fee) there was nothing on my mind besides kicking back with my laptop and a glass of wine. I slept in the next morning and woke up to a slight headache and disorientation. There were no plans, chores or tasks - just one thing. Well two things. Mani and Pedi.

Running in the rain (and my flip flops) I slipped into my new favorite nail salon in Harlem. I managed to get paired with the same nail tech, turned on the massage chair, (which felt like two elbows stabbing me) leaned back, and popped my headphones in.

I look up for a moment and stepping through the doorway was one of my idols. Michaela Davis.
My thoughts were halted, my throat was dry, and I was forcing myself to stare down at my phone and not at her.

Her skin glowed a bit from the dew and her afro stood up in its own perfect shape. She was covered head to toe in floral, but of course two different prints with similar color schemes. The leather coat she wore hung just right on her frame and on her feet were a basic pair of black and white sneakers.

Ok...so maybe I was staring a bit.

After my pedicure and frantically texted my fiancé for advice, I finally built up the confidence to approach her. Let's just say - it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Sometimes fate has a weird way of shoving us into a small nail salon, in Harlem, right next to one of the most influential women in the world. I left our conversation not only feeling lucky, but proud. The fifteen minute conversation we had will impact the rest of my life.

Things do fall apart, but sometimes they just fall together.

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