02 October 2016

So what? Go nude!

The hardest part of accomplishing anything is getting out of your own way. Doing this lookbook/shoot took several weeks of doubt, endless nights of fighting my thoughts of insecurities with affirmations, and changing my outfit at least eight times before leaving my apartment. 

How could I call myself a fashion/lifestyle blogger, yet I'm barely posting fashion or lifestyle content?! I've asked myself this question daily while scrolling through profiles of other confident women doing their thing. Eventually, it dawned on me (and when I say eventually I mean during this shoot) that I've gotta get out of my own way. I have to say, screw it and just get the work done. 

Whether you're starting a blog, YouTube channel, or just trying to shed a few pounds before your class reunion, here are 3 tips that have worked for me and will (hopefully) work for you too: 

Shut up and start
We all have an excuse. School is sucking the soul out of us, the kids have started after school activities, or again - those insecurities are riddling your thoughts with fear. My tip is, shut up and start! I've wanted to cut back on unhealthy eating and going to the gym at least 4 days a week. It took quite awhile (cough, at least 2 months, cough) for me to get off the couch and just get my ass to the gym. Then, it just happened. Now, I'm happier, more confident, healthier, and for those who like numbers - down 10 lbs! (if you want to see my routines/journey, check out my YouTube!) Get rid of mind trash, known as doubt, and see how much you actually accomplish. 

Find your motivation discipline
I watched a video recently with two veterans and one said something that resonated with me. He basically said, when people ask him what motivates him, he tries to explain that it's less about motivation and more about discipline. The way I see it is, we don't do anything in our lives without a reason. When you get up and go to a job, its less because you want to and more because: you have bills, your children need stability, Sally Mae knows you by name - shit like that. You have to be disciplined to commit to anything in life. Committing to that goal you've been putting on the back-burner is just being disciplined in another part of your life. Don't think of it as a sacrifice if its something you just need to do! 

Use your resources
This one is pretty obvious so I won't go into too much detail or dress it up with motivational frill. Use your resources! We live in the age of fast data and information oozing out of every corner of the internet. Don't know how to start your next goal? One word. C'mon - you know it. Google. We all have someone who inspires us, which means they are a resource! See how they do things and learn from their mistakes. Remember, nothing is 100% "original" anymore - except you

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