11 January 2017

2017 Bullet Journal

I promised an "after" post of my 2017 bullet journal and here it is! When I complete Bullet Journal spreads I will always go back and tidying up the pages. (Especially if this is done on camera for YouTube videos) The main two reasons are: I'm a perfectionist and I get spurts of inspiration at perfectly random times. 

If you checked out my 2017 Bullet Journal Transfer + Planning video then you know my journal looks much different in these after photos. You may also notice new pages that were not outlined in the video - so I'll explain them here!

1. Fitness Goals
Tracks my fitness goals in a 'quarterly' structure and I've given myself mini goals to achieve after each month!
2. SheMeetsCity Calendar
This was inspired by another "bullet journaler" and I decided to try it! The calendar is dedicated to my blog/YouTube - SheMeetsCity. I'm able to easily track and plan out future videos and blog posts to keep me disciplined!
3. Gratitude Log
You've seen this log before, but I decided to tweak it a bit! For this gratitude log I tracked those sentiments with doodles instead of just text. I've been more excited to keep up with this layout and will most likely be keep it for each month.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and the video!