16 April 2017

Cheetah Shoes + Ripped Jeans Blues

This photoshoot was one of my favorites as it was the perfect transitional time between the end of Winter (and snow) and the introduction of Spring in NYC! I was thrilled to go out without a jacket and boots and chose this laid back, but funky look.

When it comes to this look, it was the beginning and end of two favorite pieces. I introduce these beautiful cheetah print oxfords (made with calf hair) that I purchased from PoshMark! I felt so lucky finding a pair that fit and were extremely afforable! ($30) However, right after this shoot, I bent over and ripped my favorite pair of Levi's right in the crouch area...le sigh.

With all of that said, with the shift of seasons and my weight, I've decided to sell and donate a ton of clothes and shoes to start a fresh wardrobe. Feel free to check out my Depop + PoshMark accounts to snag some amazing deals on lightly worn items. Thanks for reading loves!


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