Lover of all things creative, Warhol, dope, British, and cheesy! Yes, I'm addicted to cheese. (Which sucks when you're on track to finally having abs!) I was born and raised in the great city of New York. 'School of the hard knocks' was not somewhere I attended, but something I lived. The hunger, drive, and independence that I learned from a young age truly allowed me to be the chick I am today. 

I have an obsession with DIY, thrift stores, owls, pop culture, and of course - my other half. I have been insanely happy for the last eight years with my babe, Dustin. We've been engaged since September 2014 and just enjoying the changes in our life and doing the things how we normally do - untraditional. We just relocated back to NYC and its been quite the experience so far! Slowly re-learning how to code and play violin has become my top 'hobbies', while my fiancĂ© and I plan our new lives. I am a daredevil, but still have no desires to jump out of a perfectly good plane....that may be serving wine.

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